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Sail in Style with a Charter Yacht in San Francisco

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The Chablis, a delightful San Francisco yacht charter, is among our most popular offerings because it serves both small and large groups. It is certified for 114 guests and crew. The Chablis has a large dance floor on the first deck and a spacious second deck that is mostly uncovered, making a Chablis yacht wedding a terrific option!

Behind the pilot house is an area that serves as a "family room," a large area with couch seating where guests may get away from the music and catch up on each other.
This is a popular bridal dressing room as well, particularly when the boat itself is booked for a Chablis yacht wedding. At the appropriate time, the French doors open and the bride and her attendants walk to the smoke stacks for the wedding ceremony. Of course, this changing room is also available to our brides who have booked our other yachts. We offer a total of five changing rooms for our treasured brides!

While the Chablis Commodore is a slow San Francisco yacht charter, guests really enjoy its spaciousness as they glide around the estuary and bay. Do yourself a favor by booking your charter yacht in San Francisco with us! Call 1-877-56EVENT (1-877-563-8368) for further details.

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